Create payments from supplier statements

Businesses that make payments to suppliers covering several purchase invoices at once can create payments directly from supplier statements. Situations where this capability might be useful include:

  • Periodic invoicing for goods or services delivered during a time frame
  • Bringing delinquent accounts up to date
  • Ensuring combined payments are posted against specific invoices

View the statement

Go to the Reports tab:

To record payment for purchase invoices from one supplier, click Supplier Statements (Unpaid invoices):

If necessary to change the date, click Set Date:

and choose between Today and Custom (and then enter the desired date):

Click View for the desired supplier.

Copy to a payment

When the statement appears, click Copy to and select New Payment:

A payment form will appear, listing all invoices for the supplier that were included on the statement. The entry form may be edited as necessary before being saved by clicking Create.

Brilliant Industries has been struggling to pay its suppliers for over a year. Finally, its cash position improves and it can pay ACME Distributing. To simplify recording the payment against various purchase invoices and verify that all delinquent invoices have been paid, Brilliant generates a customer statement:

Brilliant copies the statement to a new payment. Accounts payable and the supplier’s name are automatically filled, as are invoice numbers and amounts:

Brilliant selects a bank account in the Paid from field. When the payment is created, the supplier’s account is settled.

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