Monitor purchase invoice status

Manager helps you monitor purchase invoice status with a convenient Status column in the Purchase Invoices tab listing:

Status is defined as one of four, color-coded categories:

  • Overpaid (gray)
  • Due in X days (yellow)
  • Y days overdue (red)
  • Paid in full (green)

No user action is ever required (or possible) to designate status. It is determined automatically, depending on the following criteria:

  • Issue date of the purchase invoice
  • Due date
  • Current balance due

Status controls the default display order of purchase invoices according to the following priorities. Within each priority, invoices are listed in reverse date order (newest first):

  1. Overpaid. These invoices are the result of accounting errors by you or your customer and require correction.
  2. Unpaid. Includes both coming due and overdue invoices. Partially paid invoices are regarded as unpaid.
  3. Paid in full.
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