Track whether emailed attachments have been viewed

The Emails tab includes a Status column that can track whether the recipient has viewed a transaction or report sent by email from within Manager:

For technical reasons, this feature is functional in cloud and server editions only. The desktop edition is unable to track whether email has been viewed, because it has no active internet connection.

The server hosting Manager, whether cloud or private, must be online and accessible by the recipient via the internet.

To enable tracking, go to Settings, then Email Settings:


Check the box to Send link instead of PDF attachment:

When you view a document (e. g., a sales invoice) and click the Email button, Manager will attach to your email a box containing a summary of the document you are emailing. Within the box will be a View button:

In their email client, the recipient will see something like this:

Clicking the View button will reveal the complete document (e. g., the sales invoice). The Status in the Emails tab will change from Sent to Viewed:

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