Obscure onscreen information

When Manager must remain open in situations where unauthorized personnel might be able to view sensitive content, you can obscure onscreen information. Examples include:

  • Retail stores where the accounting screen cannot be hidden from customers
  • Purchasing offices where visiting suppliers should not see your data, but you may want to refer to it during a meeting

Click the eye icon at the bottom of the screen to blur financial and quantity data:

Data is blurred, and the icon changes color:

Northwind Traders’ Summary page normally looks like this:

When the icon is clicked, the figures become unreadable, but accounts can still be identified:

Only screens likely to be exposed to unauthorized viewers are affected. Reports cannot be obscured, because they are unlikely to be called up accidentally in the presence of unauthorized viewers. Likewise, Edit and View screens of transactions and subsidiary ledgers are not blurred. So, for example, a new customer could see her data as a record was entered for her.

A specific figure can still be viewed without revealing other information by scrolling over it or into the table cell containing it.

Brilliant Industries checks the Accounts receivable balance for Bob’s Hardware by placing the cursor into the appropriate cell in the Customers tab while blurring is toggled on. Balances of other customers and the total of Accounts receivable are not revealed:

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