Contribute a new country template

When adding a new business in Manager, you can select Country, which will add localized features and settings for the new business within the selected country:

This action will automatically create a chart of account for the target country with any required accounts, set a base currency, select date and number formats, create tax codes, and needed payslip items, and supply country-specific reports and other country-specific extensions (such as compulsory QR codes on transactions, online submissions, etc).

If your country is missing in the list, you can now contribute a new country template by uploading it to a dedicated localization project at GitHub.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

1. Create a new business

In the Country field, do not select any country (we do not have the country you are creating anyway). For Business Name enter the name of the country in your language.

2. Customize the chart of accounts

Go to Chart of Accounts in the Settings tab and remove or add accounts as required. If your country has pre-defined standard account codes, you should enter them. Remember, when users in the future select your country, this chart of accounts will be automatically replicated in their new accounting file. So do not define a chart of accounts for your own business. Include only accounts that every business must have:

3. Set up the base currency

It’s a good idea to go to Base Currency under Settings and select the base currency for the country you are creating. For example, many countries in Europe would have:

4. Set up date, number & time formats

Go to Date & Number Format and set up preferences common in your country. This way new users in your country do not have to set these up over and over again:

5. Tax codes, country-specific reports, custom fields, payslip items, extensions…

There is a lot more that can be done to improve the master business template for the country, but we will skip these for now. We expect users who create new country templates to be advanced users of Manager and to have extensive accounting knowledge relevant to their country.

6. Export your business to JSON

Go to the Settings tab, then Extensions:

Click Export in the bottom-right corner:

This will generate JSON data for the business. Click Copy to Clipboard:

7. Upload to GitHub

Go to our localization project at GitHub and click on the language for which your business template has been created. If your language is not yet listed, do not click on any language:

Then click Add File in the top-right corner and select Create new file:

This will reveal the new file editor:

In the field Name your file... enter the name of your country in your language; then in the Edit new file section, paste the JSON text you copied from Manager in Step 6.

Then fill out the form below and submit:

8. Done

Once you submit your file, we will merge it with the rest of the project and your country will appear as a new option under the Country field when adding new businesses.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please create a new topic at:

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