Email transactions and reports in PDF format

By default, when you send an email from within Manager, the program emails a hyperlink allowing the recipient to view the transaction (and selected attachments) being sent. Of course, that option only works for web-accessible editions of the program, namely, internet-connected server installations and the cloud edition.

However, desktop edition users and others wishing to email transactions and reports in PDF format can do so two ways.

Operating system PDF generator

The first method is our recommended approach. The most reliable and flexible PDF-formatted documents can be produced using your operating system’s built-in features. To take advantage of a built-in generator, click the Print button while viewing a transaction or report:

Then, depending on your operating system and version, choose a Print to PDF, Save as PDF, or similar option. Email the resulting PDF as an attachment using your regular email client.

Internal PDF generator

The second method uses the program’s internal PDF generator. Visit the Legacy Features page in the Settings tab:

Check the box for Internal PDF Generator and select the Paper size your recipient is likely to use. Choices include A4 and Letter:

A PDF button will now be available when viewing transactions or reports:

When the PDF button is clicked, a PDF of the document being viewed is generated. And, when the Email button is pressed, a PDF of the document is sent.

The internal PDF generator is no longer actively supported by Manager’s developer. It works best with western languages and fonts. It is least reliable with right-to-left languages and may not work satisfactorily with custom themes. You should test the feature with typical transactions and reports before relying upon it for external communications.

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