Invoice billable time

Manager can directly invoice billable time. When you first record an instance of billable time, its status will be set to Uninvoiced:

To invoice billable time to a customer, go to the Customers tab:

Under the Uninvoiced column, click the amount for the customer you are invoicing:

Select the items you want to bill to the customer, then click New Sales Invoice:

If you have also entered billable expenses for the customer, these will appear in the same list and can be selected for invoicing along with billable time.

A sales invoice will be created instantly:

If you wish to modify the invoice, especially to add additional line items, offer discounts, or mark up the billed time for additional profit, click Edit, make any changes, and click Update.

When you go back to the Billable Time tab, you will see the status of your uninvoiced items has changed to Invoiced:

You cannot add billable time to an existing sales invoice. Generate a sales invoice from the Customers tab first, then add any other necessary line items.

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