Set lock date

In Manager, closing an accounting period is not required, but a lock date can be set to prevent any changes on or before a desired date.

Go to the Settings tab and click Lock Date:

Enter the desired lock date and click Update.

Maria wants to prevent any changes to accounting transactions before 1 January 2021. She sets the lock date to 31 December 2020:

If you try to edit or delete any transaction dated on or before the lock date, no Update or Delete button will be available. In their place, a warning message like this will appear:

You can temporarily remove the lock date if you need to edit or delete a transaction. Enter the lock date again when you have completed the changes to previously locked transactions.

Lock Date is useful in multi-user editions of Manager to prevent typical restricted users from modifying locked transactions. Withhold access to the Lock Date feature to prevent them from unlocking restricted transactions and changing data. For administrators or restricted users with full access, the feature will still act as a reminder to prevent accidental data modification. They will need to deliberately remove the lock date before changing protected data.

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