Refresh unit prices on sales invoices

When a customer purchases items on a regular basis, instead of creating a new sales invoice from scratch for every sale, it may be convenient to use the Clone or Copy to buttons to replicate a previous invoice:

Everything is carried forward onto the new invoice, including quantities, unit prices, discounts, and tax codes:

This may not be completely desirable if your item prices have been updated since you issued the prior invoice. But there is a quick way to remedy the problem. If you need to refresh the unit price of an inventory or non-inventory item, click the X inside the Item field to clear it. Then select the same item again:

This refreshes the Unit price field to the current sale price. Qty and Discount fields will not change. But Tax Amount and both Total fields will recalculate:

As always, any aspect of the new invoice can be edited before clicking Create. And the same procedure works when editing an invoice that has already been created.

The same procedure works on any transaction form in Manager.

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