Set and display account codes

Account codes serve two primary purposes:

  • Identifying specific accounts or groups in an overall numbering scheme for the chart of accounts
  • Controlling the order in which accounts are listed in various displays

Setting account codes

In the Settings tab, select Chart of Accounts and click Edit for an account or group:

Enter a number in the Code field and click Update:


Accounts will display in the chart of accounts in numerical order. Codes will also show:


Controlling account code display

To display account codes, click Edit in the Summary tab:


Check the box to Show account codes and click Update:


If account codes have not been assigned yet, the checkbox will not be visible.

TheSummary now includes account codes:


Turn off display of account codes by unchecking the box. Accounts will still display in numerical order.

Regardless of whether account codes are displayed, they will appear in the Account field dropdown box when entering line items on transactions, including cash receipts, sales invoices, journal entries, and so forth:

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