Use the Copy to function

Several forms and reports in Manager relating to customers and suppliers offer a Copy to button in their headers, allowing one transaction, definition, or report to be converted directly to a new one in a workflow. This feature carries over important information, such as customer or supplier name, reference numbers of various types, and details of line items, as appropriate for the context. Copying to a new form:

  • Saves time
  • Prevents mistakes

When a form or report is copied, a new entry screen for the destination form appears, but the new transaction is not immediately created. All entries can be edited, deleted, or augmented first. The destination form is finalized only when the Create button is clicked.

The table below shows which original forms and reports can be copied to various destination forms:

Copy to options appear only for tabs that are enabled. If no tabs are enabled except the one for the original form, the Copy to button itself will not appear.

No report can be copied to another report, because reports are generated from numerous individual transactions.

When both original and destination forms include custom fields with identical labels, content of original custom fields will copy to the destination custom fields, overriding any default content for the destination form set under Form Defaults. However, if an original custom field is empty, default destination content will be used.

Line-item custom fields are not copied to other transaction types.

When a purchase-related form is copied to a sales-related form or vice versa, the customer or supplier does not carry over.

When inventory or non-inventory items are included on a form, posting accounts and prices change to those appropriate for the destination form.

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