Use customer codes

The Code field for customers is completely optional. It can be used for several purposes, including:

  • Distinguishing customers with identical names
  • Annotating different departments or cost centers at a single customer (with each department being created as a distinct customer)
  • Assigning customers to regions, sales personnel, or routes

Assign a customer code

When creating or editing a customer in the Customers tab, enter any combination of letters or numbers in the Code field:

By default, the customer’s code will be shown on printed documents next to customer’s name:

The code will also show in the Customers listing and can be entered as a search parameter in other tabs:

Removing the customer code from documents

If you wish to remove the customer code from completed forms, edit the theme used to display them. While viewing the theme’s computer code, find the line using the variable {{ recipient.code }}. This is a placeholder variable that inserts the customer code into your documents. To hide the customer code, simply remove {{ recipient.code }} from your theme. Leave the rest of the line it was in unchanged.

After you save your new or modified theme, the customer code will no longer show.

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