Change a form title

A title is the name of a particular transaction form in Manager. Titles appear near the top of forms in most themes when a transaction or record is viewed, but can be placed elsewhere.

Transactions that typically have external recipients offer options for custom titles when they are created. Modification of titles for those forms is common, sometimes even being required by law. These can occur in three ways with built-in features:

  • Sales quotes, sales invoices, delivery notes, receipts, and payments include the ability to set a custom title of your choosing directly on the transaction entry screen. This can be done for an individual transaction or set under Form Defaults to apply to all transactions of a type.
  • Purchase quotes offer the option to retitle as Request for quotation by checking a box.
  • Tax code definitions include checkbox options for Custom sales invoice title and Custom credit note title. Selecting either opens a free text field where you can specify a title of your choosing. The title of respective forms will change whenever the tax code is applied. For example, regulations in some jurisdictions require a change from Invoice on sales invoices to Tax Invoice.

Any other form’s title can be changed by modifying a custom theme. (You cannot modify built-in themes.) If you have not created a custom theme yet, follow instructions in another Guide, then these steps:

  • Under the Settings tab, click Themes. Then click Edit next to the custom theme you want to modify:

  • When the custom theme’s computer code appears, locate the following segment of code: {{title}}. (You may have to scroll to the right to see complete lines.)
  • Replace that code with {{title | replace: "Old Title", "New Title"}}. Preserve all other code in the same line. “Old Title” must be the name of the form you want to change, exactly as it appears when using the default theme. “New Title” is the text you wish to substitute. Both are case sensitive, and the quotation marks must be included.
  • Click Update.

Any time forms are viewed in the particular custom theme, old title text will be replaced by new title text.

An Expense Claim could be turned into a Travel Expense Report with this substitution:

{{title | replace: "Expense Claim", "Travel Expense Report"}}


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