Troubleshoot email issues

Procedures for emailing transaction forms and reports from Manager are described in another Guide. If you can’t send emails from Manager, the first thing you should try is updating to the latest version. The issue causing your problem could have been a software bug that has already been fixed.

If upgrading doesn’t solve the problem, we need to dive into your Email Settings under theSettings tab:

Currently, Manager doesn’t support port 465. So try a different port, preferably 587. Most SMTP servers will support both ports, so this is generally not an issue.

Some email providers have special requirements, mostly related to security. See, for example, these tutorials:

If you encounter other problems, post them in a new topic on the Forum. Be as specific as possible, including information on:

  • Manager edition (desktop, server, or cloud)
  • Software version
  • Your operating system and version
  • Screen shots of any error messages
  • A screen shot of your Email Settings page (Obscure only personal information. The more information you show, the easier it will be to obtain help.)
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