Troubleshoot email issues

Procedures for emailing transaction forms and reports from Manager are described in another Guide. If you can’t send emails from Manager, the first thing you should try is updating to the latest version. The issue causing your problem could have been a software bug that has already been fixed.

If upgrading doesn’t solve the problem, we need to dive into your Email Settings under theSettings tab:

By default, Manager will send emails using an in-built SMTP server. As long as you’re connected to the Internet, this option should always work. If it doesn’t, and you are using the latest version, there could be a bug which should be reported to us on the Forum.

If you have checked the box to Use custom SMTP server, uncheck the option and click Update. Then test the email function again. If your emails start working, the problem is with your custom SMTP server settings. Your Username, Host, Port or Password could be invalid. You need to check with your SMTP provider to determine the correct settings.

Currently, Manager doesn’t support port 465. So try different port, such as 587. Most SMTP servers will support both ports, so this is generally not an issue.

If you encounter other problems, post them in a new topic on the Forum. Be as specific as possible, including information on:

  • Manager edition (desktop, server, or cloud)
  • Software version
  • Your operating system
  • Screen shots of any error messages
  • A screen shot of your Email Settings page (obscure personal information)
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