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Users are discrete identities authorized to log into a business hosted in either the server or cloud editions of Manager. They are granted permissions by an administrator consistent with their assigned duties.


  • Accounting personnel might have full access to all tabs and functions.
  • Sales staff might only be able to create customers and generate sales quotes.
  • A production manager might be able only to view inventory status and create production orders.
  • Only partners might be able to view Capital Accounts.
  • Human resources personnel might be given access only to Employees.

Create an administrator user

Administrators have full access to everything. They can create new users, set permissions for existing users, enable new tabs, and adjust settings. To set up a new administrator, go to the Users tab:

Click New User. Enter the administrator’s Name, Username, and Password. Select Administrator in the dropdown box for Role:

Click Create.

Create a restricted user

Restricted users have limited authority within a single business or multiple businesses. You can control not only what they can see, but also what they can do, in great detail. Typically, you should create most new users as restricted users. When creating a restricted user, select Restricted user in the Role field. Then select businesses they should have access to.

When restricted users are created, you will see them under the Users tab with the names of businesses they are allowed to see:

By default, restricted users will have full access to each business listed under their name. If you would like to restrict their access within a business, click on the business name under their name and in the User Permissions field, change Full access to Restricted access.

This will reveal new options to further control what the user can do and see.

A Permitted Actions dropdown box will appear, offering a range of choices. Below the Permitted Actions field, tabs enabled for the business will be listed. Check boxes to assign permissions:

If the Reports tab is checked, a list of reports for active tabs will show. Check reports you want the user to see:

If Settings is checked, a list of settings applicable to enabled tabs will appear. Choose those the user should be able to modify:

When a user logs in, she or he will only see tabs for which permission has been granted:

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