Add a new business

Adding a new business to Manager is simple. After you have downloaded, installed, and launched the program on your computer or accessed it via a web browser, go to the Businesses tab, click Add Business, and select Create New Business in the dropdown box:

Enter the Business Name you want to appear in your list of businesses and click Add Business:

A Summary page for your added business will appear. Four universal tabs will be activated, because all businesses need them:

Now you can:

When the data file of a business is opened directly in the desktop edition rather than by selecting the business in the Businesses tab, that business is not added to the list. The list on the Businesses page contains only those businesses stored in the application data folder. See this Guide for additional information.

Manager will not prevent adding or importing businesses with identical names. To avoid confusion, such as when renaming and restoring a backup file by eliminating the date stamp, consider removing other businesses with the same name from the Businesses tab first. (See instructions in another Guide.)

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