Use supplier codes

The Code field for suppliers is completely optional. It can be used for several purposes, including:

  • Distinguishing suppliers with identical names
  • Annotating different departments or ordering centers at a single supplier (with each department being created as a distinct supplier)
  • Assigning suppliers to regions, purchasing personnel, or facilities

Assign a supplier code

When creating or editing a supplier in the Suppliers tab, enter any combination of letters or numbers in the Code field:

By default, the supplier’s code will not be shown on printed documents.

The code will, however, show in the Suppliers listing:

and can be entered as a search parameter in dropdown selection menus:

Adding the supplier code to finished documents

If you wish to add the supplier code to completed forms, edit the theme used to display them. While viewing the theme’s computer code, insert the variable {{ recipient.code }} at the place in the theme you want the code to appear. This will act as a placeholder variable that inserts the supplier code (when one exists) into your documents.

To show the supplier’s code on printed documents after the supplier’s name, insert {{ recipient.code }} in the line containing {{ }} as below:

<div style="font-weight: bold">{{ }} {{ recipient.code }}</div>

The result will be:

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