Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions

Batch Create and Batch Update functions streamline large-scale creation and updating of information in Manager. They can be used in certain tabs where control accounts contain subsidiary ledgers and bulk editing of individual records might be tedious. These tabs are also the ones most useful for migrating information from one business to another. These batch operations can be used for some Settings, too. Batch Create and Batch Update work for:

  • Receipts & Payments
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Inventory Items
  • Employees
  • Fixed Assets
  • Intangible Assets
  • Exchange Rates
  • Tracking Codes

These batch operations are available whenever you see these buttons in the bottom-right corner of the Manager window:


Batch Create

To add new items to a tab, regardless of whether others already exist, click Batch Create. Follow the instructions sequentially. First, copy the blank template from the template box and paste it into your spreadsheet program:

The template contains only column titles. It tells you what information is required for the batch operation.

Illustrations in this Guide are for batch operations on inventory items, but procedures are the same wherever batch operations work. The blank template changes automatically.

Fill data into the empty spreadsheet template:

Brilliant Industries enters information for some of its lighting products:

To understand each column, it may be helpful to first complete one entry of the type you are creating, filling all fields. Copy the resulting listing from the Batch Update window (see instructions below) and paste into a spreadsheet as an example. If columns are not understood, leave them blank. You can always edit them later.

Finally, copy and paste data for the newly created entries from the spreadsheet back into Manager. Be sure to copy and paste the column headings in addition to the data.

Click Batch Create to enter the new items into Manager.

Brilliant Industries’ batch-created inventory items now appear in the Inventory Items tab:

Batch Update

Batch updates are used to modify already existing items in a tab. They are somewhat simpler than batch creation, because the structure of the database is more obvious. Click on Batch Update. Again, follow the sequential instructions:

Brilliant Industries decides to raise prices on its LED products using the Batch Update function. It copies the Batch Update window and pastes the data into a blank spreadsheet:

Note that each line in the spreadsheet now has a unique Key.

Use the spreadsheet program to update data:

For convenience, you can remove any rows you don’t need to update from the spreadsheet. You can also leave them in place, however. Do not remove or modify any content in the Key column for rows you keep.

Brilliant Industries deletes the incandescent light bulb product, leaving only LED inventory items. It doubles their prices, using spreadsheet forumlae:

Copy and paste the updated data from the spreadsheet back into Manager. Be sure to copy and paste column headings in addition to the data. Click Batch Update.

Brilliant Industries’ updated Inventory Items list shows increased sale prices on LED products. The 100W incandescent bulb’s listing has not changed:

You cannot add elements when using Batch Update, because a key is required for every row in the database. These keys are generated when new elements are added. To add elements in groups, use Batch Create.

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