Write off billable expenses

If your customer refuses to reimburse you for a billable expense or you cannot invoice it for any reason, you will need to write it off. To write off a billable expense, go to the Billable expenses tab:

Find the billable expense to be written off and click Edit:

Change Status from Uninvoiced to Written-off, then enter the date the billable expense should be written off:

Click the Update button:

You must enter the write-off date because, from an accounting point of view, the billable expense was recoverable from the date it was incurred until you decided it should be written-off. Therefore, it was not truly an expense of your business, but of your customer’s. When it is written-off, it becomes your expense. The amount will be transferred from the Billable expenses asset account to the Billable expenses - unrecoverable expense account.

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