Invoice billable expenses

Manager can directly invoice billable expenses. When you first record a billable expense, its status will be set to Uninvoiced:

To invoice billable expenses to a customer, go to the Customers tab:

Under the Uninvoiced column, click the amount for the customer you are invoicing:

Select the items you want to bill to the customer, then click New Sales Invoice:

If you have also entered billable time for the customer, these entries will appear in the same list and can be selected for invoicing along with billable expenses.

A sales invoice will be created instantly:

If you wish to modify the invoice, such as to add other line items, apply a discount, or mark up the expenses for additional profit, click Edit, make changes, then click Update.

If you mark up billable expense amounts, the difference between the original expense amount and the marked-up amount will be posted to the special Billable expenses - markup income account. If you allow a discount on a billable expense to your customer, you will incur a loss. This loss will be posted to the Billable expenses - unrecoverable expense account. This makes it’s easy for you to track how well you recoup the billable expenses you incur on behalf of your customers.

When you go back to the Billable Expenses tab, you will see the status of your billable expenses has changed to Invoiced:

You cannot add billable expenses to an existing sales invoice. Generate a sales invoice from the Customers tab first, then add any other necessary line items.

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