Enter business details

To customize sales invoices, cash receipts, purchase orders, and other transaction forms, click Business Details in the Settings tab:

Enter information you want to appear on transaction forms and be used by the program:

  • Business Name is the name you operate the business under. This does not necessarily need to be the same as your legal business name. Nor does it need to match the business name used to identify your accounting file in Manager.
  • Address will usually contain your address, phone number, email address, and so forth. It might also contain a business dentifier, such as a tax identification number, banking number, or other type of information.
  • Country lets you select a jurisdiction, causing the program to make localizations available at relevant places in the program, if there are any for the country selected.

Localizations are not currently available for all countries.

If a business was created prior to Manager version 21.10.32, no localizations could be selected on the Business Details page. But the Country field can be edited at any time. This will make country-specific custom fields, report transformations, and extensions available. Changing the country could make different localizations available.

If you included information in the separate Business identifier field of older versions of Manager, that content was not discarded, even though the separate field no longer exists. The information was appended in the Address field and appears on transaction forms in the same location.

The fields will accept HTML code. So you can modify the appearance of your form headers without creating a custom theme.

The simple use of the HTML <br> tag in the Business Identifier field of the illustration above adds a line break to what would otherwise be a closely spaced entry. The address information shown on the left appears on transaction forms as at the right:

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