Customize themes

Themes can be customized in Manager to include, exclude, or modify features or change placement of information. First, however, a custom theme must be added under Settings. Usually, the easiest approach is to copy one of the built-in themes and edit it. Themes can, however, be coded from scratch. Either way, new themes are added according to instructions in another Guide.

Editing a theme

Built-in themes cannot be edited. Only custom themes can be edited.

To edit a theme, go to Settings Themes and click Edit next to the theme you want to customize:

The Liquid computer code for the theme will appear:

Edit the code directly in the window. Click Update below the editing window to save changes. If you are not familiar with the Liquid language, numerous educational websites can be found on the internet, including at

Viewing a theme

To see the results of your editing, return to the Themes list and click View:

A generic image of your theme will be displayed, with representative content:

To further customize the theme, click Edit above the image:

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