Use inventory locations

Businesses that keep inventory at more than one store or warehouse may need to track availability by geographic location. Manager can do this with inventory locations.

Establish inventory locations

To establish locations, go to Settings and click Inventory Locations, then New Inventory Location:

Enter the location’s name:

Click Create. The location will appear in the list of locations:

By default, all inventory items in Manager are in an automatic location named Unspecified. This location cannot be edited or deleted and does not appear in the list of inventory locations. But inventory items can be transferred from it to other locations in the Inventory Transfers tab.

A field for Location will appear in sales and purchase transaction forms:

Use this field to select the location from or to which the inventory item will be shipped or received.

If the Delivery Notes or Goods Receipts tabs are enabled, the Location field will be disabled. Goods shipments and receipts must then be entered with delivery notes and goods receipts to track inventory item quantities to their correct locations. Think carefully before enabling those tabs, because they impose considerable additional work.

Inactivate inventory locations

When an inventory location is no longer necessary, it can be inactivated and will no longer appear in menus. Click Edit for the location. Since the location has already been created, a checkbox appears to make the location Inactive. Check the box:

If the location becomes active again, simply uncheck the box. In either case, click Update to save the change.

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