Add an image to a custom field

Images can be included in custom fields. Use text custom fields for this purpose. After the field is defined under Settings, image content can be added on the relevant transaction form or under Form Defaults for the form on which you have placed the custom field.

Rather than incorporate the image itself into Manager’s business data file, the image must be stored at a web-accessible location. HTML code is entered into the custom field referencing the URL of the stored image.

A text custom field placed on sales invoices is defined, with a Name of Photo. The custom field is defined to show on printed documents. On a sales invoice, the following HTML code is inserted, referencing a photograph of an apple:

The resulting sales invoice shows the custom field with the photograph:

Resize large images before storing them.

Custom fields will accept additional HTML style attributes.

You may find that images will not display onscreen, but are replaced by a symbol indicating inability of the software to download them:

This happens when the image host restricts ability to hotlink images to local IP address In these situations, PDFs of a transaction or emails sent from the program generally display the images correctly. But the only reliable solution is using a different host to store images.

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