Create custom reports

When standard reports available in Manager’s Reports tab do not furnish information you want, create custom reports using the visual query builder under the Custom Reports heading.

This feature allows great flexibility in defining reports, yet requires no software or database skills. Create a custom report by going to the Reports tab, clicking Custom Reports, then New Report:

The query builder screen appears:

Entries in the query builder are of three types:

  • Text fields for an optional Description, a report name, or certain search or operator parameters
  • Check boxes to activate selection criteria, ordering, grouping, or display options
  • Dropdown menus for selecting database elements to include in the report and operators to apply to the data.

In some cases, multiple criteria can be applied by clicking Add line. Dropdown menu content varies according to prior selections. And additional fields appear progressively as selections are made.

Example 1
To generate a custom report listing your customers with their email address and billing addresses, enter the following:

Example 2
You can generate a custom report showing your general ledger transactions grouped by account for a specific period:

Example 3
A custom report showing general ledger transactions only for Accounts receivable, grouped by customer name, can be created as follows:

Unlike most Manager reports, custom reports cannot be exported. They can, however, be copied to a clipboard for pasting into other applications’ documents. Simply click Copy to clipboard while viewing the report:

Custom reports can also be cloned. This feature is useful when nearly identical reports are desired, avoiding the need to recreate most of the query.

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