Find and recode bank transactions

The main screen of the Receipts & Payments tab includes a Find & recode button at the bottom to assist with bulk recoding of bank transactions to different accounts:

This feature is often useful for posting transactions from imported bank statements to proper accounts when they are not handled automatically by bank rules. It can also be used in other situations, including when new accounts are added.

Transactions in cash accounts are not included in the Find & Recode function.

Northwind Traders routinely contributes money to charities in return for acknowledgement in the charities’ publications. The business believes local regulations allow a deduction from income for the donations. However, at the end of the fiscal year, the company’s accountant determines that such contributions are not eligible for treatment as charitable donations, but only as advertising expenses. So every donation recorded during the year must be recoded from a Donations account to an Advertising and promotion expense account. This can be done very quickly using Find & recode.

Mariana begins using Manager for her catering business, posting all sales to a generic Sales income account. After several months, she realizes she could make better marketing decisions if her sales were broken down into several categories. She renames her existing Sales account as Business catering and adds Weddings and Private events to her chart of accounts. Mariana then uses Find & recode to transfer wedding and private event sales to their new accounts, leaving her remaining business sales in the original, renamed account.

Finding transactions

Select Find & recode. A list of receipts and payments appears:

From this list, select transactions to be recoded directly by checking boxes in the lefthand column. Or, use the search function to narrow the list, in this example by entering the account name Donations and clicking Search:

Recoding transactions

From the narrowed list, select specific transactions to be recoded:

Scroll to the end of the list and select the new account. If a tax code applies, choose one:

Click Bulk Update to recode all selected transactions to the new account:

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