Use the Batch Delete function

Batch Delete removes selected entries in a tab, table, or list that have no records associated with them. The function is useful for such tasks as:

  • Deleting erroneous bank statement imports with many transactions or imported transactions that duplicate manual entries
  • Emptying tabs of unneeded customers, suppliers, assets, and so forth when constructing a standard business “shell”
  • Correcting systemic data entry errors

The operation is begun by clicking the button at the bottom right corner of any screen where it can be used:

The Batch Delete operation can be reversed through the History file. And, as with editing throughout Manager, the program will not allow you to delete anything that has already been referenced by another transaction. Still, Batch Delete is a brute-force tool. Use it cautiously. And always back up your data before any batch operation.

Select and delete data

After clicking the Batch Delete button, you will see a list of data from the table you were viewing, with individual and group checkboxes on the left. Check the boxes for all data entries you wish to delete. Manager will not allow you to check the box of any element already referenced in a transaction:

Elements of the list can be edited and viewed, if necessary, to correct or confirm their content while in batch delete mode. Just click the appropriate buttons. Entries can be unchecked if you decide not to delete them. When satisfied you wish to delete all remaining checked entries in the table, click the red button:

If the list extends to more than one page, only those records displayed on a page are affected.

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