Set up accounts receivable

Accounts receivable is an asset account that records amounts owed to a business by customers. In Manager, this is a control account, meaning it is built into the software and is made up of subaccounts for customers defined in the Customers tab. Normally, this account should not be created manually in the chart of accounts.

If Accounts receivable is created manually in the chart of accounts, many built-in functions will be lost. Manager will not be able to associate sales invoices with specific customers. And it will not be able to apply customer advances, deposits, or overpayments to sales invoices.

Activate Accounts receivable

To activate Accounts receivable, enable the Customers tab. Click Customize below the left navigation pane, check the box for Customers, and click Update below the list.

Accounts receivable will automatically appear in the Balance Sheet and chart of accounts when the first customer has been created:

Set up starting balances for customers

If making a transition to Manager from a previous accounting system, follow this Guide to set up starting balances for customers.

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