Edit or add customer information

Click the Edit button left of a Customer’s name in the Customers tab to edit or add information. For example, add a Code to make Customers easier to find or distinguish from other Customers with identical names:

Codes will appear in the Customers tab if any are present:

Codes can also appear on completed forms after the Customer’s name. To see codes on forms, follow instructions in another Guide.

More information can also be placed into the Billing address field, remembering that anything there will appear on invoices.

A customer, Bottom-Dollar Markets, has different billing and delivery addresses. But the Delivery Notes tab is not enabled, so the Delivery address field does not appear. Nevertheless, both addresses can be shown by including them in the Business address field (scroll or expand the box, if necessary, to see all content):

You can also add custom fields for other information about your Customers. Under Settings, click Custom Fields and locate the list for Customers. Click New Custom Field:

Define your custom field. Checkboxes allow you to determine whether the custom field will show as a column in the Customers tab list and on documents. The Position field controls the order in which custom fields appear. Enter a number there, if desired. Click Create at the bottom of the entry screen when finished.

You can add a dropdown list for delivery routes.

The results of all these changes (including default suppression of the customer code) appear as below:

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